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Why do I need SSL certificate verification?
SSL certificate has been a key factor in Internet security for the last decade.During this time, security certificates have evolved from a mere recommendation to a mandatory tool.Most browsers either refuse to open such sites or severely restrict their use.This means that all website owners should take care of the correct operation of SSL certificate and protection of their domain.

What a certificate validation service can do
Availability of https protocol on your site - if the certificate is verified and configured, your domain will be accessible via https protocol. Issuer - if the certificate is signed by a verified issuer, you will receive a positive response.
If the certificate is self-signed or has no validation, you will receive a notification to switch to a verified SSL.Time and date of verification, for which the certificate has been validated by the certificate authority.The higher the level of validator, the longer is the period of signed certificate. The period can be up to 20-30 years (usually 10).At the local level, depending on the issuer, the period during which the certificate can be signed is from 1 to 3 years.If there are less than 30 days left before the SSL certificate expires, we recommend purchasing a certificate for the next period.Server information - you get data about the IP address and type of web server (e.g. Apache, NGINX).

More information about SSL certificate chain validation
You get information about chains, certificate signature verification separately.A chain consists of a root certificate (root) and components (chains).The root of the chain belongs to the certificate issuer and each link belongs to a certificate authority. If the issuer of each link's certificate matches the verifier of the previous link, it is a successful chain verification.In such a chain, the verification date of each cell must be up to date.If any link is broken, the certificate is considered invalid.

Monitoring SSL connections - don't forget to renew your certificate
It is important not to forget the renewal date of your SSL certificate. Signing security certificates is often done on a yearly regular basis.Once a site loses https connection after expiration, it is important to renew your certificate on a regular basis. To do this, fill out a simple form, specify the renewal date and your email. You will receive an email and the current status of your certificate.