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The main purpose is to check the safety of links.
This tool is designed to solve two tasks: determining the direction of the link and assessing its safety level.Due to the possibility of shortening a long URL by a well-known service to a short link, it is difficult to immediately understand where this link leads.Such links can hide both safe and potentially harmful transitions.To ensure safety, we use Google Safe Browsing and Google Abusive Experience.The first determines the degree of safety of the transition in the opinion of Google, the second indicates whether or not the domain is in the blacklist of services that are not in the blacklist. The Title and Description tags can reveal additional information about the site to which the link redirects you. You will get information about the title and a brief description of the page of the encoded link.

Decoding any shortened link
We are able to decode any shortened URL from various services, such as bit.ly, cutt.ly, surl.li, tinyurl.com, Regional: clck.ru, bitly.su, cutt.us, tiny.pl, as well as Others: t.ly, dl.ink, short.io, vk.cc. Simply enter the output of these services into our tool and we will decipher the links, providing you with the relevant information on your request. You will then be left to decide whether to click, copy the full link to your clipboard and click on it in your browser.

Links can be dangerous
Shortened links can hide various dangerous resources, such as phishing sites, content of an undesirable nature, links to download malicious software and others. Do not ignore the tool's warnings. When navigating, you should pay attention to the preview view, the page title and description, as well as messages from Google profile services and the number of redirects. Often scammers can hide the final URL behind multiple redirects, and if you see a warning about five or more redirects, the link could be dangerous.