Check if a website is down

Check the response status of the server and whether your site is working

Response Code Response message What does this server response code mean?
200 OK The server successfully processed the request
400 Bad Request Happens when a request to the server contains a syntax error and the URL is invalid from the server
403 Forbidden Access Denied - The request cannot be processed due to data access restrictions. The server understood the request, but is refusing authorization.
404 Not Found File not found is the most common error, there is no appropriate file to display at the address. A file could have been previously, but deleted, or a mistake was made in the link.
500 Internal Server Error An internal server error is a very common error, it can mean: PHP script error, database issues, incorrect access rights, damaged CMS file.
502 Bad Gateway Gateway problem - this means the server, while acting as a gateway or proxy, received an invalid response from the upstream server. Happens when there are not enough server resources or proxy server does not work properly
503 Service Unavailable Service temporarily unavailable - the server is currently unable to handle the request. Often occurs because it is overloaded or down for maintenance.
504 Gateway Timeout Response timed out - This response occurs when the server is acting as a gateway and the response time is over the allowed time.
505 HTTP Version Not Supported The HTTP version in the request is not supported by the server.

About the website accessibility checker

It is often necessary to check the availability of a website at the moment. To do this, we have developed a tool for checking the website available on the Internet from several locations. If your site is not accessible from only one location, there may be connection problems in a particular region. But your site is working and available to users.

What do server response codes mean? By them, you understand the availability of the site on the network. Depending on the situation, the server gives a response in the code form. There are about 100 such codes in total, but there are only a few of the most common ones, they are in the table above. The ideal situation is when the server returns a 200 OK status. This means that the request was processed, the page is available for users. The site performance depends on many factors: the hosting provider and local channels, global or regional networks. The regional policy of some countries prohibits or restricts the display of sites in their region. All this is important when you analyze the availability of the website. Your site may be working, but inaccessible in one location. In this case, you should not worry.

If you want to track permanent server response codes, the availability of your site, we recommend you add the website to permanent monitoring. The system will send you notifications about problems, and you can be aware of the availability of the site.

Testing the website performance is useful to do immediately as soon as you notice that it is unavailable. So you will know the reason and be able to fix it. Why is online checking by an extra service an essential step in determining the cause? If you contact the hosting provider, you will lose time, and you may also receive a response about the website's availability. So, it is better to immediately get confirmation that the site is not available from all locations. This speeds up the solution to your request.