Site migration service

  • From one server to another
  • From old provider to new Hosting
  • With any CMS
Support icon What we do?

10 years experience in site migration

Full migration of your site

Files and databases of your site will be copied and transferred to the new Hosting.

Minimum downtime

Your site will be available during the whole process of migration. We will create a mirror of your project.


We transfer sites on WordPress, Drupal, OpenCart, DLE and lots of others CMS

The price for site migration

Number of sites Number of data bases Price
up to 5 up to 5 $7 for 1 site
6-10 6-10 $6 for 1 site
10-20 10-20 $5.5 for 1 site
20-50 20-50 $5 for 1 site
50-100 50-100 $4.5 for 1 site
from 100 from 100 $3.90 for 1 site

You can send us a letter if you need site migration service[email protected]

Do you have questions or tasks?

Contact us!

  • Describe your task. Give us maximum information.
  • We estimate the volume of work, time frames, and price. Also, we can require additional info.
  • Start to work at your project.
  • The price starts from $10. Work without prepayment. Pay only after the job is done.

Transfer of any site to the new Hosting

SeCom specialized in server management services for years. Our experts have huge experience with servers based on CentOS, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Windows.

Also, our support makes the transfer of sites between servers. Website transfer from hosting to hosting is a complicated task. It demands much time and special knowledge. The task to transfer the site from one server to another is not difficult for us. The team of our experienced system administrators can make the transfer of all your sites, databases, and servers quickly and efficiently. We will make the transfers of sites created on CMS Bitrix (1C-Bitrix), WordPress, Joomla, DLE, Drupal, UMI.CMS, MODX, Netcat, from the server to the server with eyes closed! The transfer of the site will be easy, and your visitors will notice nothing, cause your site will be available during the transfer. We will full copy and transfer the site files and databases to the new server/hosting and test how it works. Professionalism and flexible prices are the main advantages of our company.

Several important factors affect the transfer time:

  • status of the receiving server and the upload of the sender-server, also, the channel width and the quality of the access between the servers;
  • the number of files and the total sum of data;
  • specifics of site engine (CMS).

These conditions appropriate for the site that does not occupy more than 10 GB of the disk space. The price of a site transfer larger than 11 GB is discussing apart. The price of a site transfer larger than 11 GB is discussing in private order, cause it takes much time. Our technical support will make the transfer of the site to another hosting or server in as fast as possible. You can find the prices of the transfer on our website. You can find the price of the transfer on our website. Please, note that we don't do the transfer of sites from one cms to another like from Joomla to WordPress and so on, for example.

  • How much Server Management Service costs?
    1. 1-hour costs 20 USD
    2. One-time work can be charged by the time spent, or it can be fix-price for the whole task
    3. If you have a pre-paid server management plan, the cost starts from 15 USD/hour. The total amount for the task is discussing beforehand
  • How to order a server management service?
    Just go to the website and fill out the feedback form. We will quickly analyze the problem and offer the best solution according to your budget and time
  • What is the response time to a ticket?
    The average response time to a request is 15 minutes. This time may vary depending on the plan and load on the tech sup. The reaction time on a pre-paid support plan is discussing beforehand