General information

What is a term “server” mean?

A server is a hardware that is dedicated and/or specialized for processing software and an information storage.

What are types of servers?

There are two types of servers:

– Physical servers — servers which are provided completely to the client for operation without any limitations.

– Virtual (VPS) — servers, that are a part of one physical server. It is possible to have few VPS on one physical server. The physical server divides resources between all its VPS.

What is the IP address?

IP address — number that uniquely identifies computers and other devices on a TCP/IP network.

What is DNS?

DNS (Domain Name System) is a computer distributed system for visitors access to websites using domain names. It is used for receiving an IP address using a hostname (site).

What are main DNS records?

The most important types of DNS records are:

  • Record A (address record) or record of the address connects a hostname with addresses IP.
  • The record AAAA (IPv6 address record) connects a hostname to the IPv6 protocol address.
  • The record CNAME (canonical name record) or canonical record of a name (alias) is used for redirection to another name
  • Record MX (mail exchange) or a mail exchanger specifies the server(s) of an exchange of mail for this domain.
  • The record NS (name server) specifies the DNS server for this domain.

What is FTP?

FTP (The file transfer protocol) — the protocol intended for a file transfer on the computer networks. FTP allows connecting to servers, view content in directories and download or upload files on the server.

What is SSH?

If we set up any OS on your server you can work with it through SSH-protocol. SSH (Secure Shell) — the network protocol that allows getting a remote control of the computer and file transfers. It is similar to the Telnet and rlogin protocol, but it uses Data Encryption Standard to protect data.

If you want to use SSH on your computer, you should install ssh-client. For example, for Windows OSs, you can use the PuTTY program (it is possible to download it from here:

How to order a service?

How to order a service?

You can choose a plan according to your needs. If you want to order a plan create the request in our ticket system, e-mail: address support@secom, or write in technical support chat. We`ll provide you all instructions help you to choose and order a service.

How to do a payment for the services?

We have several options to male a payment:

Bank payment (you can get payment details if you contact our sales department, in a live-chat. The link to a chat is available on our site “Support Chat”)

Also, you can make payment through “Interkassa”. You can choose a method of payment by yourself

Is it possible to change a plan?

If you want to change the plan you should create request and send it to support@secom and you need to mention what you want to change (in free form).

Refund policy

You can get a refund only for paid services. The request can be created not longer than in three days, start from the end of the work.

Any refund is carried out exclude an amount which collects as payment systems commission, also, it excludes a commission for returning funds to the Subscriber account.

If the Subscriber made payment through Visa or MasterCard, money will be returned to that card from which payment was made. Money can be transferred to a bank account in 3 days.

If the Subscriber made payment through WebMoney system, a refund will be done to the WebMoney account, in the same currency, that payment was made.

Refund can take about 10 working days that starts from a Subscriber’s request to refund. In case of refund all bonuses, discounts, and other special terms will be excluded from the refunding amount.

Confidential policy

The confidential information can be collected through different ways. The main ways are:

Registration. We ask each our new client to register in our billing system. The ask to fill the contact info that is necessary for service providing. Also, we leave the option to ask for the additional contact info to identify the client.

Cookie. If you visit our web-site (including billing system and control panel) the server will send you and saved in your browser, computer or any other device small size housekeeping files as known as cookies. These files save an info to identify you as a user and allow to save account configuration for you.

Visiting. If you use our site, or your account, or any other our service or interface you action will be automatically write down into the visitors base. This info can contain data and time of your access to any of the resource, you IP-address, OS type and browser and other your computer configuration.

Also, our company can transfer and process personal data out of Ukraine to the servers, that are placed in different countries according to the service agreement terms.

2. The confidential info can be provided to the third parties in next cases:

If you provide an agreement to give info to the third party.

If you register a domain zone, there is an option to show personal information in some domain zones. This information can be published in who is service. In the open source can be published your Name, Surname, Patronymic name, contact address, contact email address, telephone number. An access to such resources can have any internet user.

Also, we provide a confidential info if it is necessary to follow the law, state acts, and any judicial procedure or any official government request from the law-enforcement and public authority; if we need to find the potential security threat or violation of service terms; if you break the rules of service using;

get illegal access to the resources; if we need to fix some tech problems that was created by you; if you break the law or try to get other users personal info.

3. We try to do our best to protect your personal info from illegal accessing, changing or deleting. We have a well-built policy to protect our clients date. We use specific ways of collecting, saving and processing data, also, we use cipher and limited access to our physical server.

4. We allow our client to get the access to their private account to change or edit personal info, or if a client wants to delete it. We forbid to change the info only if there are any law-enforcement authority requests or government restrictions are.

5. These rules are created according to the Ukrainian law system and according to the service specification. We leave the option to change the confidential policy from time to time. All information change it`ll be published on this page.