Administration, configuration and technical support of virtual and dedicated servers and rent
Hardware is everything
We use only certified and reliable equipment, that allows getting the highest levels of performance for your projects. We use rack servers from leading brands (IBM, DELL, HP). And, we`ll do our best to meet your tech needs.
24/7 Support
If you order our services, your servers will always be up to date, secure, and run optimal performance. We provide 24/7 tech support services. There are many ways to communicate with us. We always available in the ticket system, Skype, chat, ICQ. Also, you can make a call and we`ll help you.
Flexible rates
Our rates and high-quality services make server management and monitoring affordable for everyone. However, the company Secom is always ready to meet your needs and change plans according to it. We have a personal approach to each client and can find original for your problem.

Secom company has been providing outsourced tech support services, since 2008 year. We have rich work experience and can do projects of different complexity level. With years of experience in the industry, we know what works and what don’t. We can help you with the wide variety of management tasks starts from simple server installations to more complex operations such as cluster system creation.

Secom team are experts in configuration, administration and tech support. We offer a variety number of services, like

server management and monitoring, around the clock tech support, security check, server and data migration, backup creation, support in building dedicated or virtual configuration in DC

and many other.

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Also, we provide full outsource tech support for hosting companies. Secom experts help you to choose the best servers, storage, and networking based on your requirements.

If you order our service, we`ll add your server to our monitoring system. It helps you to focus on your core business and be more successful – without a headache and stress of managing your own server.

Secom experts work 24 hours a day, so you can be sure that your servers are safe and secure. We work hard to make sure all your servers run as smoothly as they possibly can. Contact us and you`ll get high-quality services from experts. You can reach tech support in the ticket system, on-line chat, skype and by phone.


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Искренне благодарен за помощ в решении моей проблемы. Все сделали оперативно и професионально, справились за несколько минут там, где другие бились часами, а сделать ничего не смогли. рекомендую как действительно хороших специалистов, большое вам спасибо!

DokTraF пользователь форума "" Среда Январь 13th, 2016

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