Moving sites on WordPress, Joomla, DLE, Drupal, Bitrix from SQL databases and servers
Order site migration and we`ll do our best to help you!

For many years, Secom is specialing on administration services. We do installation, configuration, migration, monitoring and server support. Our experts have rich experience of work with servers on Centos, RedHat, Debian, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Windows OS.

For many times, Secom specialists have done the migration between the servers. It has no difficulties to migrate a site from one server to another for our specialist. Our high-qualified admins move sites, servers and databases professionally and in short terms.

We move CMS sites, such as 1c (1c-bitrix), WordPress, Joomla, Dle, Drupal, Umi.cms, Modx, Netcat, like Chuck Norris – in one hit. It has no difference for us whether you want to migrate, to new server or hosting provider. We will make your migration easier.

up to 5 sites (up to 5 data bases)
7$ per 1 site
6 to 10 sites (up to 10 data bases)
6$ per 1 site
10 to 20 sites (up to 20 data bases)
5.50$ per 1 site
20 to 50 sites (up to 50 data bases)
5$ per 1 site
50 to 100 sites (up to 100 data bases)
4.50$ per 1 site
more than 100 sites (up to 100 data bases)
3.90$ per 1 site
You can order site migrations if you sent us email:
1) the migration time will depend on:
   a) the willingness of the new server and the load on the old one and wildness of the channel, and level of quality connection between servers.
   b) number of files and data size
    c) the engine (CMS) specification.
2)These plans include sites that have less than 10 Gb. For example, a site can have 7 Gb files and 3 Gb database.

The price on sites migration that have more than 11 GB can be discussed. These sites transfer needs more time, as the result, we need to more time for control and testing after the migration.

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1) Plan for the number of tickets monthly

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3) Plan counts the number of server and hours

4) Plan counts the number of server and hours

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